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System optimisation in fastening technology

Innovative ability and technical potential are becoming increasingly important as the basis for chances of success in a competitive environment. With our engineering service, we rise to the challenge to produce faster, at lower prices and more efficiently - at the same time ensuring highest quality.


Application engineering

A great part of the manufacturing costs for a product are determined in the design phase of a new development. Only to a very small extend does the economic efficiency of the fixing technology depend on the price of the fasteners. Processing costs for preparation and assembly of the components to be joined is of much greater importance.

The main cost drivers in the process are:
Design, procurement, quality assurance, logistics, stockkeeping, assembly preparation, final assembly and capital lockup.
Compared to that, the part price of the fastener amounting to 20% is relatively low.
Conclusion: The earlier experts in fastening technology are involved, the higher is the influence on the entire supply chain.

Range of services

Cost saving thanks to optimised fastening technology

Our customer service representatives in application engineering help you with new developments and with optimising existing applications.
Our range of services comprises the reduction of the number of different parts as well as the simplification of assembly. Within this process, the focus is always on product improvement and simultaneous reduction in production costs.

You can benefit from a comprehensive range of services:

  • Construction and design of fasteners
  • Construction and supply of customer-specific special articles
  • Application engineering tests in certified laboratory
  • Company prototype construction
  • Standardisation of fasteners
  • Optimisation of assortments
  • Technical publications in the field of fastening technology
  • Customer seminars

Your benefits

Your benefits from our application engineering

  • Innovative fastening technology
  • Reduced development times
  • Documented basis for decision making
  • Reduction in storage costs
  • Process optimisation for production and assembly
  • Cost optimisation for subassemblies


Company prototype construction


With the know-how we have from our own production and special prototype construction, we can provide prototypes and samples quickly and without delay. Thanks to the close cooperation with our application engineers who create design documents and with the experts who work in the laboratory and in production, initial product suggestions are quickly developed.

To realise your individual prototypes, we are provided with a comprehensive range of machinery.

Processing machinery:

  • CNC lathe
  • Lathe, conventional
  • Milling machine

Other machinery:

  • Mill press
  • Bandsaw
  • Belt sander
  • Wet orbital sander
  • Cutting machine
  • Hole punching machine (e. g. for RIVKLE® products)
  • Hardening furnace

Thus we have comprehensive possibilities to meet your requirements.

  • Constructing prototyes
  • Producing (test) samples
  • Constructing (clamping) devices
  • Producing cutting samples

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