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Böllhoff assumes responsibility for the environment

As a company we have a sustainable responsibility to society and environment. This sustainability means for us to fulfil with our products and services but also as an employer the needs of the people today without compromising the ability of future generations.

As a manufacturer
of fasteners and assembly systems, we have ambitious environmental goals: initial assessments of ecological products and processes, raw material recovery, waste recycling and energy-lowering actions.

As a dealer and service provider of fasteners, we permanently reduce waste through the reuse of transport and storage containers and minimize emissions from transport bundles. Therefore ECOSIT® (Economic Supply In Time) means to us to combine economic and environmental objectives. Thus, any ECOSIT® procurement and supply system is also an “ECO-System” that conserves resources and reduces costs.

As a development partner to our customers, we provide innovative ideas and solutions for weight and energy reduction. Efficient methods of joining for lightweight parts and exposure by providing technical advice and the use of environmentally friendly materials are the cornerstones for reducing emissions and conserving resources.

Certified since 1999 according to DIN EN ISO 14001

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