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Agricultural machinery industry

As a leading system supplier for fastening and assembly technology and as an international service provider, Böllhoff is a recognised partner of the agricultural machinery industry.


Over the past years, agriculture has become increasingly important. As a result of the current discussions on environmental aspects, apart from the classical role as a food supplier, this sector is now as well regarded as an important energy supplier.

However, the increasing demand also results in new challenges. Ever shorter product cycles, the use of new, lightweight and environment-friendly materials and an ever changing division of labour require innovative capacity and a high degree of flexibility.


Your requirements – our products

Benefit from technologies well-established in the agricultural machinery industry combined with our technical know-how to find your solutions of tomorrow.

DIN, standard and special parts and parts as per drawing

Fastening technology for metals

Fastening technology for plastics

Fastening technology for metals / plastics

  • Blind rivet nuts

    Creating threads on thin-walled components?

    RIVKLE® blind rivet nuts and studs for stable threads

    RIVKLE® in detail

    Thin-walled components?

    RIVQUICK® blind rivets for components with one-sided accessibility

    RIVQUICK® in detail

    Vibrations and noise?

    SNAPLOC® decoupling plug-in connection

    SNAPLOC® in detail
  • QUICKLOC® Quick-release fasteners

    Locking quickly?

    QUICKLOC® clamping, rotating and pressure locks for quick, repeatedly releasable joints

    QUICKLOC® in detail

    Easy compensation of tolerances?

    FLEXITOL® systems for automatic compensation of production tolerances

    FLEXITOL® in detail

Supply chain

Join us in developing the perfect supply chain for you!

Agriculture has repeatedly overtaken itself. Now, the conditions of an up-to-date food production have to be met. This is why the degree of technologisation is of decisive importance. The times when modern agriculture was a handicraft business are long gone - today it is rather an industry business. Requirements for production are accordingly high.

A long supply chain of many different components including a rise in value with every step requires efficient partners. As a full-range and system supplier, Böllhoff offers products and services for every part of the agricultural machinery supply chain.

  • Research and development

    Research and development

    • Knowing future trends
    • Innovation management by own R&D
    • Application engineering
    • Up-to-date CAE technology
  • Purchase and logistics

    Purchase and logistics

    • Reduced number of suppliers
    • Optimised internal processes
    • Standardised and optimised C-parts
    • 100% readiness to deliver
  • Production


    • Acceleration of your production and assembly processes
    • Diverse assembly solutions
    • Recognised production planning know-how
  • Quality


    • Certified quality management
    • Certified testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
    • Certified environment management according to DIN EN ISO 14001
    Certificates & standards


John Deere Werke Mannheim - Mechanical solution for screw-locking

HELICOIL® lock nuts

HELICOIL® locknuts with integrated HELICOIL® screwlock allow repeated and quick assembly and disassembly of the steering wheel in agricultural machinery for repair and maintenance. Thanks to reduced clamping torque distribution, a precise preload-force is achieved if an even tightening torque is applied. At the same time does the clamping effect inhibit accidental loosening of the joint.

+ HELICOIL® nuts


Blind rivet nuts

Agricultural machines are exposed to strong vibrations. RIVKLE® blind rivet nuts are a well-proven solution to fasten a highly stable thread on thin-walled sheet metals, without cutting a thread or rework a thread. Coated sheet casings stay undamaged.

+ Blind rivet nuts and blind rivet studs - RIVKLE®

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