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Böllhoff – your expert partner

Böllhoff is a customer-oriented group divided into two business areas each offering a complete one-stop service for a particular area of technical expertise. Our team of specialists is available around the clock to provide technical support and expert advice on-site.

Fastening and Assembly Technology

Böllhoff is a specialist in the development of innovative and high quality advanced fastening technology, as soon as the proper assembly systems. Our international network of subsidiaries, agents and production facilities mean that we have ready access to all major markets.

We offer a variety of solutions for metallic and synthetic materials including blind rivet technology, thread technology, plastic joining technology and quick locking technologies - all in combination with a broad range of processing systems, range from single hand tools right through to full-scale robot systems.

Böllhoff looks to the future, too. In close collaboration with our customers in the aerospace and automotive industries we are developing new fastening technologies for use with advanced materials and innovative assembly methods. Fastening technology has to keep abreast of technological innovation. But that's not all. On today's increasingly competitive global market our customers also demand a fastening technology that meets the requirements of ever tighter cost controls.

Against this background Böllhoff will continue to produce solutions designed to increase customer competitive advantage. Böllhoff has the people with the experience and the expertise to achieve this.

Fastener Service Supply

Böllhoff is closely geared to the requirements of the customer. In addition to a broad range of fasteners, we also provide numerous services designed to make things easier and more efficient all along the customer's value-added chain.

With ECOSIT®, for example, Böllhoff provides a complete range of modern logistics services. Optimised material flows from procurement through to distribution and delivery. This provides the customer with leaner, faster and more efficient processes.

ECOTECH application consulting service helps customers choose the right product for their applications - all backed by our long experience and expertise. The challenges here include optimising existing applications and the manufacture of new and custom-made parts.

At Böllhoff, innovative e-business solutions form the basis for efficient data communication and data exchange around the globe. The ECOLINE service package provides a platform for a continuous and fast information flow between Böllhoff and its customers.

Customers who want their Böllhoff fasteners individually packed and delivered in bags choose our ECOPACK service. The service includes advice about the ideal packing solution to be used and the marking of bags with labels or printing.

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